New & Remanufactured Vane Air Starters

ASAP is proud to support some of the industries most recognized brands such as Ingersoll-Rand®, TDI®, Caterpillar®, MaK®, Power-Quik®, Austart®, and Startmaster® to name a few.

We also offer new aftermarket air starters as well as electric, hydraulic and reman starters built to industry standards.

All of these products are reliable, have pre engaged and/or inertia engagement types, and stand up to the toughest jobs.

150 SERIES from IR

The 150 series features an inline design, vane motor, and standard caged nose.


SS100 SERIES from IR

The 100 series is a vane motor with improved technology, eliminating the need to lube the vane, making it a more environmentally friendly option.


  • One size fits engines up to 10 liters to lower cost and reduce inventory
  • Compact design and flexible mounting for easy fit-up
  • Standard and metric pinions fit most manufacturers' engines
  • Overhung pinion and 360-degree flange design for easy installation


  • Alloy steel motor components ensure reliability in harsh conditions
  • Offset gear design for rugged power transfer and easy field service


  • Powerful lube-free motor can be used with air or natural gas
  • Class-leading starting torque for engines up to 10 liters
  • Multiple Mounting Orientations with dual inlets allows for easy installation in virtually any location


SS350 SERIES from IR

The 350 series uses pre-engagement for smooth operation and an overhung nose for extra torque.


SS800 SERIES from IR

This starter features a vane powered motor that runs on natural gas, features caged or overhung nose options, and can be rotated both counterclockwise and clockwise directions.



The LS-8 Vane Starter is able to fit into very small packages with its gear-reduction, offset design and with over 80 models, LS-8 Vane Starter will fit almost any engine in the under 400 CID range.