OEM Turbine Starters

ASAP offers a new line of turbine starters to the market that offers superior quality at competitive prices.


The turbine starting motor provides for engine cranking by using the power of compressed air. Starting Motor is capable of operating in the most extreme conditions and environments.

▶ Left or right-hand rotation
▶ A wide variety of gear reductions, nozzles and pinions
▶ 2.7-10.3 bar
▶ Application; medium-speed diesel engines, oil & gas, haul truck, mining industry, etc.


T100 Series

The T100-V and T100-B series are made of steel, making it durable and long lasting. The rotors are self-limiting, which means you never have to worry about it overspeeding. It’s designed vaneless, which means it doesn’t require lubrication (this keeps it compliant with emission standards. When you’re looking for a reliable TDI air starter, the T100 series is an excellent choice.

T50i Series

The T50I air turbine starter has a vaneless motor which resists moisture and other contaminants that could result in equipment failure. It requires no additional lubrication, which means there’s much less mess to worry about. The equipment is extremely lightweight and easy for one worker to haul, maneuver, and install. Plus when you upgrade to the TDI TURBOTWIN T50I, you’ll experience 25% more starting power compared with the standard model.

T30i Series

The T30I turbine motor is designed vaneless, which makes it absolutely reliable even on wet or dirty air or gas. The motor is built with about half the number of moving parts of competitors, and every single part of the motor is replaceable, making repairs easy and affordable. No additional lubrication is required, making this turbine air starter the most environmentally safe starter you’ve ever purchased.


The T100V is designed with large air passages which prevent it from clogging, breaking, or otherwise malfunctioning. Requiring no additional lubrication means you’ll enjoy clean, oil-free exhaust that you don’t have to clean up. This piece of equipment is constructed from nearly-indestructible steel alloy, which makes it highly robust and durable.


The T112-60031-01R-1-03 is excellent for small spaces and pre-engaged mounting situations. Like other TDI air turbine starters, it’s highly durable and requires no additional lubrication, which makes it less messy and more environmentally friendly than competitors.

Ingersoll Rand Turbine Series

Ingersoll Rand Turbine Series air starters are built to withstand the toughest environmental and working conditions — combining robust features and proven power and efficiency to deliver reliable, heavy duty starting for a wide variety of applications.

ST400 Series

The ST400 Ingersoll Rand air starter is excellent for use in various applications and industries, including power generation, transportation, railway, and more. It features an overhung nose, inertia engagement, and radial design.

ST500 Series

The ST500 Ingersoll Rand starter is highly durable and able to withstand the harshest and most demanding conditions. Its radial turbine design and pre-engage functionality contributes to its high performance. The ST500 features clockwise and counterclockwise rotation options.

ST700/900 Series

If you need an air turbine starter that can be used in a wide variety of applications, the ST700 and ST900 may be the perfect choice for your job. Featuring both inertia and pre-engaged engagement types, this equipment is highly versatile. It can be used in a wide range of markets, from industrial to commercial.

ST1000 Series

The ST1000 is designed to use a fraction of air and gas than competitors. This not only lowers operational costs, but also decreases emissions, making it environmentally safe. However, that by no means makes the ST1000 a weaker model. This powerful turbine air starter can generate 18% more torque and 8% more horsepower than other models.

ST150 Series

The ST150 is highly reliable and versatile with a high-speed rotor that decreases deflection, thus extending the life of the bearings. This equipment is designed for 11 to 90 liter engines and is made from solid 47 HP aluminum and guarantees quick starts for even the most heavy duty gas and diesel vehicles.

ST600 Series

The ST600 is lightweight and easy to maneuver and install in a variety of applications. It can be used in the harshest conditions while starting as dependable as ever.


PRQ200 series engine air starters, with a maximum torque output of 300ft-lbs (407Nm), starts diesel engines up 200L and gas engines over 200L displacement.

  • Heavy duty starters, made of steel, cast iron and aluminum with low weight of about 46lbs/21Kg
  • Low maintenance starters with bearings lubricated for life
  • Easy to repair requiring minimum know-how
  • Gas sealed starters made for use with different gases (Nitrogen, Natural Gas, etc.)
  • Environment friendly with no fugitive emissions
22 series 

The PQR 22 Pow-R-Quik starter is both lightweight (just 26lbs.) and easy to install. Made from sturdy aluminum and indestructible steel, this piece of equipment is designed to take a beating in harsh conditions without losing power. The starter request no additional lubrication, which not only minimizes the mess but also ensures environmentally safe, emission-free equipment. The PQR 22 series is designed for up to 22 liter diesel engines and 44 liter gas engines.

 200 series

Featuring aerodynamic speed control, the 200 series turbine starters from Pow-R-Quik automatically prevents overspeed and gearbox burn out. All gears and bearings are pre-greased and require no additional lubrication for the life of the starter. You don’t have to worry about environmentally harmful emissions because this equipment doesn’t put out any messy, greasy emissions.

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