OEM Turbine Starters

ASAP offers a new line of turbine starters to the market that offers superior quality at competitive prices.


The turbine starting motor provides for engine cranking by using the power of compressed air. Starting Motor is capable of operating in the most extreme conditions and environments.

▶ Left or right-hand rotation
▶ A wide variety of gear reductions, nozzles and pinions
▶ 2.7-10.3 bar
▶ Application; medium-speed diesel engines, oil & gas, haul truck, mining industry, etc.


T100 Series

T50i Series

T30i Series



Ingersoll Rand Turbine Series

Ingersoll Rand Turbine Series air starters are built to withstand the toughest environmental and working conditions — combining robust features and proven power and efficiency to deliver reliable, heavy duty starting for a wide variety of applications

ST400 Series

ST500 Series

ST700/900 Series

ST1000 Series

ST150 Series

ST600 Series


PRQ200 series engine air starters, with a maximum torque output of 300ft-lbs (407Nm), starts diesel engines up 200L and gas engines over 200L displacement.

  • Heavy duty starters, made of steel, cast iron and aluminum with low weight of about 46lbs/21Kg
  • Low maintenance starters with bearings lubricated for life
  • Easy to repair requiring minimum know-how
  • Gas sealed starters made for use with different gases (Nitrogen, Natural Gas, etc.)
  • Environment friendly with no fugitive emissions
22 series 

 200 series