Oil & Gas Industry Vane Engine & Air Turbine Starters

In the fast-paced world of oil and gas, every second counts. Make your machinery run seamlessly with cutting-edge air starters from ASAP Air Starters and Parts.

Our air starters are designed with precision and crafted for durability. This means they meet the rigorous demands of the oil and gas industry.

We supply starters for:

  • Off-shore platform operations
  • Pump engines
  • Kelly spinners
  • Pump engines
  • Gas lift engine starters
  • Fracking engines
  • Coil tubing engine starters
  • Drilling rig engine starters
  • Gas pipeline compression engine starters
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Featured Air Starters For The Oil & Gas Industry

  • Ingersoll Rand 150BM Air Starter

    Experience unparalleled durability with the Ingersoll Rand 150BM Series. It has an inline design and a powerful vane motor built for longevity.

    You can even customize it for your specific needs. If it’s in stock, we usually ship it within 24 hrs.

  • Ingersoll Rand Air Starter SS800

    The Ingersoll Rand SS800 Air Starter for diesel engines offers pre-engage and inertia engagement. You also get caged or overhung nose designs. It rotates clockwise and counterclockwise.

    Need parts? We supply SS800R-12 components and SS800-TK2 parts, including collar threading, repair kits, and more.

  • Ingersoll Rand ST900

    The Ingersoll Rand ST900 Series is known for its durability and adaptability. It offers both pre-engage and inertia engagement types. Choose between overhung and caged nose designs.

    We also provide replacement parts and repair kits to keep your ST900 in prime condition.

  • Ingersoll Rand ST1000 Series

    Maximize efficiency and minimize costs with the Ingersoll Rand ST1000. This powerful air starter is designed to use less gas and air compared to competitors. This means you save on operating expenses.

    With 18% more torque and 8% more horsepower than similar products, the ST1000 Series offers superior performance.

Air Starter Components For Your Oil & Gas Operations

  • 150BM-3

    Keep your oil & gas operations running smoothly with our 150BM-3 pneumatic starter cylinder.

  • 10BMP-53

    Optimize your oil and gas equipment with the Ingersoll Rand 10BMP-53 Air Starter Rotor.

  • SS800G-11

    Stay ahead of maintenance by ordering a front end plate for SS800 today.

  • SS800-K3

    Make sure your oil & gas machinery stays operational by getting the SS800-K3 Cylinder Kit.

  • SS800R-12

    Ingersoll Rand starter SS800R-12 shaft collar threaded makes sure your systems run smoothly.

  • SS800-TK2

    Keep your oil & gas operations efficient with the Ingersoll SS800-TK2. We usually ship within 24 hours.

  • SS800-53

    Order the SS800-53 and get quick delivery. This helps your oil & gas equipment operate at peak efficiency.

  • 150BM-TK2

    The Ingersoll Rand 150BM-TK2 tuneup kit helps you maintain peak performance in the demanding oil and gas industry.

Oil & Gas Engine Air Starters

  • Typically ships within 24 hours
  • Unbeatable prices on great products
  • Over two decades of industry excellence
  • We offer OEM, aftermarket, and remanufactured starters to fit most applications within the Oil & Gas industry.
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Ingersoll Rand Air Starters Outperform Others

Explore our diverse selection of air compressor starters. This includes popular brands like Ingersoll Rand and more. Experience the ease of our all-in-one air starter store. You can find your air starter turbine components and new unit needs all in one place.


  • Never overheat
  • Easier to service and maintain
  • Dependable in harsh environments
  • Higher cranking power
  • Long lasting
  • Safer - No electrical fires
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Air Starters

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When it comes to powering your oil and gas operations, trust in our air starters to deliver unmatched performance. Stay ahead of the competition with reliable vane engine and air turbine starter solutions that keep your operations running smoothly.

Choose excellence. Choose reliability. Choose ASAP Air Starters for your air starter needs in the oil and gas industry.

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