Power Generation Air Starters

You understand the pivotal role air starters play in the power generation industry … and in every industrial, commercial, and residential sector that depends on power. When the power goes out, no one can work or play. And in extreme cases, a power outage can be deadly.

Choose ASAP Air Starters for Power Generation

Reliability and Durability

An air turbine starter from ASAP Starters will keep your power plant up and running. Our air starters are designed to withstand the harsh operating conditions commonly found in power generation settings. With minimal moving parts and sturdy construction, our air starters are both dependable and durable—reducing downtime and maintenance costs—to keep you online.

Safety and Environmental Considerations

A pneumatic starter from ASAP Air Starters provides a safe and environmentally friendly ignition alternative. They completely eliminate the risks associated with spark-initiated starters, making them suitable for use in hazardous or combustible environments like yours.

Versatility and Adaptability

Generating power isn’t easy. Whether you maintain a fossil fuel, hydroelectric, or nuclear power plant, each relies on a complex network of machinery that requires a variety of starters. And you’ve got to keep them all working without interruption.

From diesel engines to hydroelectric turbines, our air starters are adaptable to a wide range of power generation equipment. This versatility ensures compatibility across diverse power generation types.

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Featured Air Starters for the Power Generation Industry


    Unleash the Ingersoll Rand ST900 in your power generation plant for unmatched starting power. Its durable design withstands extreme conditions, ensuring continuous operation.

    Choose the ST900 for superior performance that keeps the power on.


    Keep your machinery up and running with the Ingersoll Rand 150BM, engineered specifically for the power generation industry. Its sturdy vane motor and caged nose provide exceptional starting power and dependability.

    Experience minimal downtime and enhanced safety with this spark-free solution.


    Maximize the efficiency of your power plant with the Ingersoll Rand ST1000 Series. It offers relentless starting power and unmatched reliability.

    Depend on the ST1000 Series for smooth, safe operation. Increase uptime and enhance your machinery's performance.


    Elevate your operation with the Ingersoll Rand SS800 Air Starter.

    Its robust vane starter, optimized for bi-directional rotation, guarantees dependable performance with minimal maintenance, even in the most demanding power generation environments.

Air Starter Components for Your Power Plant

  • 150BM-3

    Ensure continuous power production with our 150BM-3 Pneumatic Starter Cylinder, designed for reliability and enhanced performance.

  • SS800G-11

    Maintain your momentum with uninterrupted operations when you replace the Front-End Plate of your SS800 before it needs replacement.

  • 10BMP-53

    Enhance performance with an Ingersoll Rand 10BMP-53 Air Starter Rotor for maximum power-producing capability.

  • SS800-K3

    Keep your air starter up and running with a SS800-K3 Cylinder Kit. Minimize downtime and maximize power production.

  • SS800R-12

    The Ingersoll Rand starter SS800R-12 Shaft Collar Threader makes sure your systems run smoothly and efficiently.

  • SS800-TK2

    Keep your power generation operation effective and efficient with the Ingersoll Rand SS800-TK2 Tune-Up Kit. 

  • SS800-53

    Boost production when you order the Ingersoll Rand SS800-53. Keep your power plant running smoothly and efficiently.

  • 150BM-TK2

    Maintain peak performance in the power generation industry when you order the Ingersoll Rand 150BM-TK2 Tune-Up Kit..

Power Generation Air Starters

  • Unbeatable prices on proven products
  • Typically ships within 24 hours
  • Over two decades of industry excellence
  • Our selection includes OEM, aftermarket, and remanufactured starters compatible with most power generation industry applications.
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Discover the convenience of our expansive air starter selection, featuring air starters and components from Ingersoll Rand and other industry-leading manufacturers. ASAP Starters is here to help you choose the part that best suits your unique needs in the power generation industry.

Find both complete units and air starter components with ease in our online catalog. Trust us to be your go-to partner for all your air starter requirements.


  • Higher cranking power
  • Safer - No electrical fires, No overheating
  • More dependable in incessant working conditions
  • Longer-lasting
  • Easier to service and maintain
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Air Starters


Air starters are indispensable in the power generation industry. They offer reliable, safe, and adaptable ignition solutions for the broad spectrum of equipment required in your unique industry.

For uninterrupted start-up power in your power generation systems, make ASAP Air Starters your trusted source for all your air starter needs.

Choose excellence. Choose reliability. Choose ASAP Air Starters for air starters in the power generation industry.

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