Industries We Serve

Due to the international demand for air starters, ASAP Air Starters happily accommodates time differences to provide quality customer service to our customers, wherever they are.

Our manufacturers have a standard of excellence that is often copied but never matched. We are proud to offer the best product at the best prices in the industrial, marine, automotive, and mining industries.

Oil & Gas

For years professionals in the oil and gas industry have relied on air starters to power their generators, pumps, and kelly spinners. Advanced engineering and manufacturing has allowed air starters to revolutionize the oil & gas industry, making engine starts safer and more reliable. In the oil and gas industry, we are happy to supply starters for:

  • Off-shore platform operations
  • Pump engines
  • FRACing engines
  • Gas pipeline compression engine starters
  • Drilling rig engine starters
  • Kelly spinners
  • Pump engines
  • Gas lift engine starters
  • Coil tubing engine starters

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When you’re on a job site, reliability is key. For over 100 years, professionals have trusted brands like Ingersoll-Rand®, TDI®, and Pow-R-Quik® for their air starter and energy needs. The manufacturer’s we work with have proven dependability, and coupled with our reputation for affordability and customer service, there’s no better partner for your business than ASAP Air Starters.  In the mining industry, we help with:

  • Mining Truck Starters with Minimal Maintenance
  • Loader Engines
  • Excavators / Earth Movers
  • Generator Engines
  • Blasting or Crushing Equipment

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We are proud to work with a wide range of industrial marine companies around the world. Some areas of the industry that we service include:

  • Work & Crew Boats
  • Tug & Push Boats
  • Ship Propulsion Engines
  • Petroleum Barge Pump Engines
  • Fishing Vessels
  • Workboats Servicing Off-Shore Platforms
  • Diving & Salvage Operations

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Power Generation

From prime and continuous power generator sets to industrial power generator sets, when the power goes out, ASAP products go to work. Some of the power generating options we offer include:

  • Back-Up Emergency Power Engines
  • Co-Generation Landfill Engines
  • Coal, Natural Gas and Nuclear Power Plant back-up generator engines
  • Natural Gas Generation Engines
  • Nuclear Plant Emergency Power Generators & Pumps